About Us

Economics Wire is web-based journal delivering the best economic and business news and analysis from around the world. We were founded in April, 2016 by Viliyana Filipova and today are part of The Calico Media Group LLC.

Our goal is to help readers navigate the sometimes challenging landscape of economics in a thorough, but still easily understandable manner.

Selected Economics Wire Contributors

Benjamin Comston

Editor and Author
Age: 32
Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Something about me: “”I live in Ohio where I graduated from The Kent State University with a Master’s degree in Economics. I write frequently on economics and finance. You can find previous articles I’ve written at Seeking Alpha and TalkMarkets.



Viliyana Filipova

Age: 27
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Something about me: “My name is Viliyana Filipova. I’m a 27 year-old woman from Varna, Bulgaria and am the founder of Economics Wire . I work with a highly experienced team of business and finance analysts, who will  help guide you through the world  of economic news, commodity and currency trends and investing.”




Silvia Hristova

Age: 42
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Something about me: “My name is Silvia Hristova and I’m a 44 year-old woman from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m working as an author and contributor to Economics Wire. I finished my education at the University of Economics in Varna and I have significant experience as a finance and business analyst in both local finance and investment funds. I write about the latest news and analysis of economics on themes of the economy, inflation, credit ratings and industry in Europe, Africa and Australia. I aim to follow high standards of ethics and accuracy.”


Joshua Jadon

Age: 23
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Something about me: “My name is Joshua Jadon, 23 years-old and from Austin, Texas, USA. I finished my education at the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Information, Risk and Operations Management. In Economics Wire I write about Markets and Employment news in the USA, Southern America and Europe. I will give my best to follow the latest economy and finance news, as well as commodity and trading trends, giving you the most accurate and useful information.”



Victoria Lynden

Age: 45
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Something about me: “My name is Victoria Lynden and I’m 45 years-old and from Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have broad experience as a freelance writer for some of the largest economic and business journals in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. I graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with a Master’s degree of Sociology.”