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Monday, February 20, 2017

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Wages in USA grew at the fastest pace since 2009

The employment outside agriculture sector in USA is growing by 156,000 jobs in December, but staying below the economists’ expectations for an increase of 178,000 jobs. The largest contribution to labor market has the health sector, which is adding 43,000 new jobs, while the bars and restaurants adds another 30,000 new positions. The industry remains

UK construction

Business activity in UK construction sector accelerated in December

Business activity in the UK construction sector accelerated in December at the fastest pace in nine months, supported by housing building. The weakness of the British currency, however, caused the sharpest increase in costs over the past five years. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), calculated by the private company Markit, rose from 52.8 points in

Bitcoin exchange rate

Bitcoin exchange rate surpassed 1,000 USD

The digital currency Bitcoin exchange rate appreciated above the 1,000 USD for the first time in three years. It overtakes all other currencies with appreciation of 125% recorded in 2016. The crypto-currency does not have a central monetary authority and relies instead on thousands of computers around the world that validate transactions and add new

Iranian oil

Iranian rial fell to historic low against the US dollar

The exchange rate of the Iranian rial against the US dollar reached a historic minimum, deepening the decline that began six months ago. The exchange rate of the Iranian currency decreased, despite the hopes raised by the lifting of the international sanctions. Definitely the decreasing local currency negatively impacts people’s lives. Lots of foreign goods

Chinese President

Chinese President ready to accept economic growth below 6.5%

The Chinese President Xi Jinping is ready to accept slow of economic growth even below 6.5%, because of rising debt and fears of an uncertain global environment after the election of Donald Trump for president of the United States. During a meeting with a group of the Communist Party, which deals with financial and economic


Bank of Spain expect steady GDP growth at the end of the year

The Spanish economy probably maintained its pace of growth in the last quarter, supported by active job creation, releases the latest forecast of the central bank. According to the institution the GDP growth will reach 0.7% quarter-on-quarter in the period from October to December, which was the increase and the previous quarter. The recovery continues

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