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Monday, February 20, 2017

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China currency

Foreign currency reserves of China declined in December to 6-year low

Foreign currency reserves of China declined to near six-year low in December but remained above the critical level of 3 trillion USD, against the attempts of the authorities to stabilize the national currency. In December, the foreign currency reserves of China reported a decline of 41 million USD, which is slightly less than expected, but

Eurozone inflation

Eurozone inflation accelerated in December

The Eurozone inflation in December reached 1.1%, according to preliminary data of Eurostat. The consumer price index accelerated in the year-end after in November the growth of consumer prices was within 0.6%. This is the highest inflation rate since September 2013 and quite above the market expectations of 1%. The calculations of the statistical agency

USD debt

Governments of leading economies face maturing debt worth 7.7 trillion USD

The governments of the leading economies face about 7.7 trillion USD debt, maturing this year and higher borrowing costs. Against this background the market for bonds already showing signs of losing momentum. The amount of government bonds and other securities, representing debts for the group of economies, including Brazil, Russia, India and China, will climb

Inflation in Germany

Inflation in Germany accelerated significantly at the year-end

The inflation in Germany accelerated significantly more than expected at the year-end, reaching its highest level in over three years. The increase is primarily due to rising fuel prices for cars and heating. On the other hand, the surprisingly strong jump in consumer prices could serve as a deterrent to the Germans’ appetite for shopping,

Personal deposits

Personal deposits in UK grew by 4.8% yoy in November

British accumulate savings, preparing for economic uncertainty. The personal deposits in UK grew by 4.8% yoy in November, according to a study of the British Banking Association. In the period January-November 2016, the increase amounted to 32.4 billion GBP (39.7 billion USD). During the same period of 2015 growth was 19.8 billion GBP. The British

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