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Monday, February 20, 2017


UK unemployment

UK unemployment declined to its lowest level in 11 years

UK unemployment declined in the third quarter to its lowest level in 11 years, but according to many factors the dynamics of the labor market slowed. The unemployment rate decreased in Q3 2016 to 4.8% from 4.9% in Q2 2016, according to British statistics office. The employment growth, however, amounts to only 49,000 new jobs,

Unemployment in Bulgaria

Unemployment in Bulgaria decreased to 7.0% in Q3 2016

The unemployment in Bulgaria decreased to 7.0% in Q3 2016, which means that jobless people during the reported period are 229,000. The latest results on of the Labour Force Survey, held by the National Statistical Institute, show that unemployed people in Q3 2016 are 50,300 less than the same period last year, when unemployment rate

Greece islands

Unemployment in Greek islands increased significantly

The unemployment in Greek islands increased significantly during the last months due to the refugee wave. The newly constructed refugee camps lead to the contraction of tourism, and hence jobs in this industry. According to statistics, in August, unemployment in the Greek islands increased by 4%. Overall the unemployment in the country recorded a monthly

US jobless claims

US jobless claims declined in Week 44

The number of applications for unemployment benefits in USA declined last week. In week 44, the submitted applications recorded a decrease of 11,000 to a seasonally adjusted 254,000, which is the lowest level in four weeks, according to the US Department of Labor. The result positively surprised the economists, who expected a more conservative decrease

Australia job ads

Job advertisements in Australia rose in October

The job advertisements in Australia rose to 1.0% in October on seasonally adjusted terms, reaching 161,499. The the annual increase in the job ads is 3.8% for the last 12 months. The growth of the indicator shows about increased demand of employees, which is creating high competitiveness on the market. The number of job advertisements

US economy employment

US economy creates more jobs in October

US economy, excluding the agriculture sector, created 161,000 new jobs in October, which was below the economists expectations. The unemployment rate returns to 4.9%, after in September the level increased to 5.0%. A broader measure of unemployment, which includes Americans stopped looking for work and who work with lower hours, decreased to 9.5%, which was

Unemployment in Bulgaria

Unemployment in Bulgaria decreased in September

Unemployment in Bulgaria decreased to 7.5% in September, while the average level for European Union and Eurozone remain unchanged, shows the data of Eurostat. The unemployment in the country fell to 7.5% in September, compared to 7.7% in August and 7.8% in July, while in ninth month last year, the rate was 8.4%. Totally 248,000

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