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Monday, February 20, 2017



Bitcoin freefall after massive sales in China

The crypto-currency Bitcoin started freefall and depreciated by almost 20% this afternoon after large sales in China, growth of the Chinese yuan and liquidations of short positions by OKCoin. The digital currency price reached the record high values peaking at 1,140.64 USD, but today afternoon for less than 20 minutes lost 200 USD to value


Bitcoin reached new record high

The Bitcoin reached a new record high on Wednesday, becoming an increasingly attractive asset for investors. The digital currency appreciated, due to increasing interest in China and some other parts of the world, where legacy currencies are tightly controlled. In China the raising concerns about the yuan cause investors to gravitate to other assets in

Turkish lira

Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar

The Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar, falling with 1.6% to a new low exchange rate of USD/TRY at 3.60. The situation in the country is extremely delicate because the attacker, who killed 39 people at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year Eve. The risk remains large, as the local authorities still did

Iran oil business

Iran whitelisted 29 international companies for developing oil and gas projects

The Iranian oil ministry published a list of 29 international companies have been approved to participate in tenders for oil and gas projects of the country, after the repeal of sanctions following the nuclear agreement. In the list of the white-listed companies are several international giants, including Total, Shell, Eni, Gazprom and Schlumberger. Last October,

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