Norway initiates dialogue on trade with the United Kingdom

Monica Maeland

Monica MaelandNorway initiates dialogue on trade with the United Kingdom after leaving the European Union, trying to ensure that will keep the relations with its largest trading partner. Norway is the largest supplier of natural gas to the United Kingdom, but also the both countries have trabel ballance of over 21 billion USD annually.

“We, of course, follow developments in the UK and the EU, but still not very clear how the parties will agree”, “said Norwegian Minister of Industry Monica Maeland in an interview after a speech in Oslo. “Our goal is to ensure our interests to the EU and to the United Kingdom”, added she. “It is important to be active. But we respect the United Kingdom, although it now has to decide what processes must be to ensure EU how to move forward”, said also Maeland.

Norway, which has access to the single market through the European Economic Area (EEA), will need to contract a new agreement with UK after Brexit.

Both sides did not discuss any kind of deal now, because it depends on the way United Kingdom plans to leave the European Union. Both countries will begin administrative dialogue next month.

The Norwegian Minister of Industry Monica Maeland stressed that Norway is not a third party in the talks, but is bound by the EU through the EEA. For Norway the best option will be the Soft Brexit, which would keep Britain as closely tied to the common market as possible.

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