Time to Replace Your Aging Fork Lifts? Consider These Signs

Everything eventually wears out and fork lifts are not exception. While the lifts you use in the plant and the warehouse have offered excellent service in the past, now is a good time to think about replacing them. Here are some of the signs that indicate you will be needed new fork lifts sooner rather than later.

The Breakdowns are Happening More Frequently

In years past, the lifts generally needed to be out of service long enough for quick inspections and the occasional minor repair. Over the last year or so, it seems as if the lifts are spending more time being worked on than they are on the production floor. While it’s true that you have employees who can troubleshoot the minor stuff, what happens when a major repair is needed?

All that downtime is affecting your production schedule. Even if it hasn’t led to delayed shipments yet, that time is coming. Your best bet is to start checking out the latest in All-Lift Toronto forklifts and identifying designs that will provide the support that your operation needs.

Too Many Workarounds

Your employees have learned how to deal with the little quirks the lifts have developed. While that has allowed you to get a little more use from those older lifts, the day will come when those workarounds are not enough. What will you do if an employee cannot coax an old lift to keep going in the middle of loading a rush shipment to your biggest client? Avoid that situation and replace the current lift with something that has yet to develop any eccentric behavior.

You Are Spending More Money On Parts and Labor

The more frequent breakdowns means that are spending more money on replacement parts. There’s also the matter of having to call in professionals to handle repairs that your team cannot. Once upon a time, this type of event only happened once in a great while. With maintenance and repairs costs now higher than they’ve ever been, you need to think seriously about retiring that older lift and replacing it with a new one.

Replacement Parts are Getting Harder to Find

Even if you are willing to keep spending money on repairs, what do you do when finding replacement parts becomes a more time-consuming task? Along with the original manufacturer no longer offering the parts, it’s even getting difficult to obtain them from a third-party supplier.

Do you really want to keep investing money in a lift that will be impossible to repair the next time it
breaks down? Your best bet is to start checking the options for multi-purpose and maybe a good aisle forklift to replace your aging equipment. Newer lifts means access to replacement parts without having to spend a lot of time trying to locate, purchase, and ship in whatever it is that you need.

Even if you think your lifts will make it for another year, talk with a professional today. You may find that replacing an older lift will be more affordable than you think.

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