Author: Christopher Sedgewick

Fairfax’s Prem Watsa Releases His Latest Letter to Shareholders

Prem Watsa, CEO of global insurer Fairfax Financial Holdings, has gained a large following due.

General Electric Searches for Direction

GE was once the most admired company in the world. Can it reclaim its former luster?

U.S. Job Report Again Impresses

Employers in the United States added 228,000 jobs during the month of November, ahead of.

CVS and Aetna to Merge in Deal That Could Shake-Up Health Care Industry

CVS, owner of pharmacies, convenience stores, and a pharmacy benefits management company, has announced that it.

House Republicans Step Up Effort on Tax Bill

In a year of legislative disappointments, House Republicans are hoping that getting a package through.

Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is Stupid

Jamie Dimon is not someone who minces words. For some time now, he has been vocal.

Disney’s New Streaming Service Requires Patience From Investors

Disney has decided to take its vast library of content – from children’s programming to.

Stanley Fischer Resigns from Federal Reserve

Stanley Fischer is retiring from the Federal Reserve. The vice president of the United States central.

Australia Q2 GDP Growth at 1.8%, While Household Savings Declines

The Australian economy expanded by 1.8% in the second quarter versus the previous year, compared.

Boeing Scores Major Victory Over Rival Airbus

Seattle based Boeing won a major victory today over French based Airbus after the World.