Author: Silvia Hristova

Oil production facility
Crude oil prices declined amid concern for production growth in Libya

The crude oil prices declined moderately amid concern that the growth of production in Libya.

Greece taxpayers
Taxpayers in Greece have obligations of 94 billion EUR to the Treasury

More than half of taxpayers in Greece owe money to the Treasury. The recent data.

Russia, India and Brazil are most attractive for investments in 2017

Russia, India and Brazil will be the most attractive countries for investors among the developing.

Turkish lira
Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar

The Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar, falling with 1.6% to a new low.

European Central Bank Draghi
European Central Bank will enjoy raising inflation

European Central Bank will enjoy a raising inflation, but not enough to reach the target..

PDVSA petrol station
Venezuela sells gasoline against foreign currency on Colombian border

Venezuela selling gasoline against foreign currencies in the region on the border with Colombia, said.

China money exchange
China tighten policies for foreign currency exchange by individuals

China will tighten even more the foreign currency exchange by individuals, as part of the.

China reduces tariffs paid for renewable energy

China reduces the amount of money paid for facilities, which generate solar and wind power.

Venezuela Maduro
Venezuela cut its oil yields by 95,000 barrels per day

Venezuela cut its oil production by 95,000 barrels per day, in compliance with the OPEC.

Gazprom production
Gazprom reduced natural gas production in 2016

Gazprom reduced natural gas production by 1.3% since the beginning of the year to almost.