Foreign currency reserves of China declined in December to 6-year low

Foreign currency reserves of China declined to near six-year low in December but remained above.

China plans to invest 360 billion USD in green energy since 2020

China plans to invest 2.5 trillion CNY (360 billion USD) in green energy since 2020..

Business activity in Eurozone gained momentum at year-end

Business activity in the Eurozone finished in 2016 with the strongest momentum of more than.

Eurozone inflation accelerated in December

The Eurozone inflation in December reached 1.1%, according to preliminary data of Eurostat. The consumer.

Governments of leading economies face maturing debt worth 7.7 trillion USD

The governments of the leading economies face about 7.7 trillion USD debt, maturing this year.

Inflation in Germany accelerated significantly at the year-end

The inflation in Germany accelerated significantly more than expected at the year-end, reaching its highest.

German labor market finished its best year in quarter century

The labor market in Germany finished its best year in quarter century. The average number.

German labor market reported record employment

The boom of the German labor market continues. Over the past year the number of.

Personal deposits in UK grew by 4.8% yoy in November

British accumulate savings, preparing for economic uncertainty. The personal deposits in UK grew by 4.8%.

Crude oil prices declined after surprise increase of US inventories

The crude oil prices declined on Thursday after a surprise increase in oil inventories in.