Bulgaria is last in European Union by ranking of prosperity

Bulgaria is last in European Union for ranking of prosperity, according to Legatum Prosperity Index, which covers 149 countries. The Eastern European country taken 57th positions and improves its ranking by only three places for the last 10 years, despite of the growing economy growth, billions of dollars in foreign investments and European development programs. The country is torn by poverty, political tension and instability.

The index assess the countries in seven criteria – quality of economics, governance, access to education, health, personal freedom, social capital and environment.

Bulgarian receives worst value in the field of social capital, where is among the last int he whole survey. The sub-index measures the strength of personal relationships in society, social support, social norms and civic participation in society. The second worst assessment of the country is the healthcare sub-index, where Bulgaria ranks 91st.

However, the country received good evaluation in the sectors of access to education and environment.

The greatest improvement in recent years Bulgaria achieved in the criteria of business environment, social equity and environment. However, the EU country is lagging behind EU in sectors governance, health and personal freedom.

“Bulgaria’s transition to democracy and a free market economy is slower compared to other countries in the region. The country remains one of the poorest and most corrupt ones in the EU”, says the ranking. “The neighboring Romania, which joined the EU also in 2007, reported higher progress in terms of the business environment in the same period of time, and progress in fighting corruption. So in the future it is important for Bulgaria to implement the necessary reforms that not only promote growth, but also to reduce widespread poverty. The most important is to pay attention to inefficient government, organized crime and corruption”, finishes the report.

Many of the neighboring Balkan countries are perfoming better in the index, as Macedonia takes 53rd position, Romania 50th and Greece takes 44th. Behind Bulgaria are Montenegro on 58th positions, Serbia at 66th, Albania at 74th and Turkey at 78th.

Leader in the ranking is New Zealand, followed by Norway and Finland. The top 10 in Legatum Prosperity Index are also Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Britain. At the bottom of the ranking are Yemen, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Iraq, Mauritania, Angola and Burundi.

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