Bulgaria’s CPI rose by 0.2% mom in October 2016

The Bulgarian CPI rose by 0.2% mom in October 2016, according to latest data of National Statistics Institute. Despite of the growth, the country’s annual inflation remain in red zone at level of minus 0.6%. The accumulated inflation in Bulgaria since the beginning of the year is minus 0.4%, which might additionally weight on the country’s economic growth.

The largest CPI growth was reported in clothing and footwear, where the inflation was 5.3% mom and education, where the growth was 1.8% mom. Also growth of consumer prices was reported in entertainment and culture (+0.8% mom), furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance (+0.5% mom), spirits and tobacco (+0.3% mom) and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (+0.2% mom).

The decrease in CPI was reported in food and beverages (-0.3% mom), transport (-0.5% mom), restaurants and hotels (-0.2% mom).

The price index of a small basket for October 2016 compared to September 2016 was 100.1%, and since the beginning of the year (October 2016 to December 2015) was 100.3%.

In October 2016 the prices of goods and services in the small basket for the 20% lowest income households have changed from the previous month as follows: food products – a decrease of 0.1%; non-food products – an increase of 0.7%; Services – the prices remained at the level of last month.

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