Do You Really Want to Attempt a Commercial Move On Your Own?

There was a time when an employer could move an office to a larger space without a lot of difficulty. With only office furniture, light equipment, and filing cabinets to deal with, it was possible to hire a truck and get some of the employees to help. Given the amount of equipment and other elements found in a modern office, this approach is not practical. Here are some of the reasons why you need professional help with that commercial move.

Properly Licensed and Bonded

When your professional Calgary office movers, you get more than a set of strong backs and enough vans to move everything in one trip. You also have pros on hand who are properly licensed and bonded. This is good news since it means if anything is damaged in transit you will not have to pay for the repair or the replacement out of your own pocket. That is not the case if you try to manage the move without the aid of a professional moving team.

The Right Packing Materials

Professional moving services have representatives who can visit your place of business and help you determine what it will take to make the move. That includes knowing what sort of packing crates and boxes are right for different furnishings and computer equipment, how many containers are needed, and even the sizes and quantities of those boxes.

Along with the containers, there’s the matter of determining what you will need in the way of fillers and wrapping material. The goal is to ensure everything is on hand to make sure nothing is likely to shift in the containers during transit. If you don’t have the knowledge necessary to make those choices, you are far better off seeking the advice of a professional.

Help With the Packing

Moving an office is no easy feat. Somehow, you have to schedule the move and get the packing done without inconveniencing your customers. By having a team of professional packers come in and take care of the job, your employees can focus on making sure their daily tasks are still done on time.

The packers will start with things that are used rarely and finish with the last things that your employees use on a daily basis. By the time the moving van arrives, everything will be packed, labeled, and ready for transport.

Unloading and Setting Up

Did you know that a team of professional Calgary movers are invaluable when it comes to unloading and setting up the new office? They can easily make sure the right boxes get to the right cubicles or individual offices. They can aid in placing the heavier pieces of furniture in the right spots and in general make it much easier to get the office ready for use. The amount of time saved by getting help with the unpacking and setting up will ensure the new place is ready for your employees to come in and get right to work.

Before deciding a move to larger offices will not be that hard, talk with a pro. With the right help, the move will go smoothly and ensure that you and your employees don’t miss a chance to take proper care of a customer.

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