Gas Prices Set for Temporary Rise

The battering of the U.S. Gulf Coast is shutting in at least ten refineries, which.

IEA Sees Rebalancing Oil Market

In a report released today, the IEA said that global oil markets are recovering due.

Oil production facility
Crude oil prices declined amid concern for production growth in Libya

The crude oil prices declined moderately amid concern that the growth of production in Libya.

China green energy
China plans to invest 360 billion USD in green energy since 2020

China plans to invest 2.5 trillion CNY (360 billion USD) in green energy since 2020..

OPEC plans meeting of the commission that controls oil production

OPEC plans meeting of the commission that controls the oil production, estimating if the agreement.

Crude oil production
Crude oil price reported its biggest annual growth since 2009

The crude oil prices are rising at the very beginning of 2017, supported by the.

Investment Gold
Gold price ended 3-year series of annual declines

The gold price ended the three-year series of declines and rose by 9.8% in 2016..

Iran oil business
Iran whitelisted 29 international companies for developing oil and gas projects

The Iranian oil ministry published a list of 29 international companies have been approved to.

PDVSA petrol station
Venezuela sells gasoline against foreign currency on Colombian border

Venezuela selling gasoline against foreign currencies in the region on the border with Colombia, said.

Solar energy
Solar energy become cheapest source of new electricity

With the coming of the new year it is worth to mention that on the.