Trump’s Comments Lend Support to U.S. Dollar

U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments in Davos, Switzerland gave support to a U.S. dollar that.

Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is Stupid

Jamie Dimon is not someone who minces words. For some time now, he has been vocal.

Weak Peso Worries Argentina

The sudden devaluation of the peso in the last month and a half – it.

Why Some People Use A VPS To Trade Forex

A virtual private server, or VPS in short, is a server that appears as a.

ECB Sees Stronger Growth, but Not Strong Enough to Withdraw Stimulus

The European Central Bank raised its 2017 growth forecast for the European Union from 1.8%.

Switzerland’s GDP Growth Dissapoints

Switzerland’s fourth quarter GDP growth was only 0.1% annualized between Q3 and Q4 of this.

Bitcoin freefall after massive sales in China

The crypto-currency Bitcoin started freefall and depreciated by almost 20% this afternoon after large sales.

Bitcoin reached new record high

The Bitcoin reached a new record high on Wednesday, becoming an increasingly attractive asset for.

Turkish lira
Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar

The Turkish lira weakened against the US dollar, falling with 1.6% to a new low.

Bitcoin exchange rate
Bitcoin exchange rate surpassed 1,000 USD

The digital currency Bitcoin exchange rate appreciated above the 1,000 USD for the first time.