U.S. Employment Growth Weakens in May

The United States economy created 138,00 jobs in the month of May while the unemployment.

US Non-farm Payrolls Increase by 211,000 in April

After a tepid March report, US employment accelerated in April with 211,000 jobs created according.

General Motors Set to Layoff 625 Employees Amid NAFTA Waves

Reports indicate that auto maker General Motors is set to layoff over 600 employees in.

US jobless claims
US jobless claims fell to historically low level

The number US jobless claims fell last week, supported by the historically low level of.

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Touts 100,000 New Jobs in Announcement

Online giant Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) has announced news about adding up to 100,000 new jobs.

Wages in USA grew at the fastest pace since 2009

The employment outside agriculture sector in USA is growing by 156,000 jobs in December, but.

High costs of Swedish experiment with 6-hour working day

Sweden implements the 6-hour working day, but now appeared the first results from the experiment.

German labor market
German labor market finished its best year in quarter century

The labor market in Germany finished its best year in quarter century. The average number.

Germany employment
German labor market reported record employment

The boom of the German labor market continues. Over the past year the number of.

France unemployment
Applications for unemployment benefits in France declined in November

The applications for unemployment benefits in France declined in November for the third consecutive month..