Why Having a Water Cooler at the Office Makes Sense

Your staff works hard and you like to do little things for them. One of the best ways you can keep them happy is by making sure they have pure drinking water. When you choose to install a water cooler and have it maintained by a professional, you do more than cultivate good will with your employees. Here are some of the ways that everyone benefits from the arrangement.

Keeping Stress to a Minimum

Did you know that drinking eight glasses of water a day helps to alleviate stress? Choosing to keep your employees supplied with water that is free of contaminants keeps them hydrated. That’s important because a lack of proper hydration affects cognition and mood.

You may not think that supplying fresh drinking water would help even out tempers and prevent employees from getting upset with one another so easily, but that is what you can expect to happen. Anything that brings more harmony to the work environment is sure to lower the stress level.

Instead of employees who feel a little irritable and distracted, the water helps them feel refreshed and able to tackle their tasks more efficiently. As an employer, you get the joy of seeing employees who are happy with their work. You also benefit because more is getting done during each work day.

Employees Feel More Energetic

Pure water obtained from office water coolers is good for the body. In the case of your employees, it helps to give them an energy boost that is not followed by a crash. The same cannot be said for drinking cup after cup of coffee or some type of soda with lots of caffeine. Those latter choices do produce short-term bursts of energy but there is always that sluggishness that comes along with the inevitable energy crash. Access to clean drinking water helps them maintain a higher energy level throughout the day. That can only help them and you.

Thinking Things Through is Easier

Employees who drink water that is purified using the right type of water filters from cedarspringswater.ca find it easier to work through complicated issues and come up with viable solutions. That’s because a properly hydrated brain is able to assimilate information easier, engage in critical thinking, and come up with ideas that make it easier to resolve whatever challenge the company is currently facing. While water is not a miracle cure, the fact that your employees find it easier to grasp facts and use them in a productive manner will make it easier to decide what needs to happen next.

Remember that the office water cooler is more than a quick way for employees to kill thirst. The right
choices for water and the company who takes care of the cooler will bring about a number of benefits. Check into leasing a cooler today and find out more about what fresh drinking water will do for your employees. After having the cooler in place for a month, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

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