China’s Trade Growth Cools in April

The rate of growth in both imports and exports in China slowed in April. The value of imports into China increased by 11.9% compared to a 20.3% increase in March, while exports rose 8.0% compared to 16.4% in March.

Part of the slowdown was the result of falling prices for the commodities that China import, such as oil, iron ore, and copper. Exports were weak primarily due to weaker growth in electronics, as Chinese industry faces tougher competition around the world.

China has been attempted to put a break on certain excesses in the economy as it transitions from an emerging market to a full-fledged economic powerhouse. Speculation in real estate markets has been a particular target of authorities. As the government tightens, growth has begun slowing, although it still far exceeds that of most nations. First quarter growth was 6.9% in China, with that number expected to slowly temper as the year progresses.

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