Your Office Fire Protection System: Why Inspections Matter

It’s not enough to install a viable fire protection system in the office. You must make sure the system is working properly at all times. One of the best ways to ensure that everything from the extinguishers to the sprinkler system is in top shape is to have the entire setup inspected and tested on a regular basis. Here are some of the ways that the right approach will keep you and your employees safer.

The Inspection Identifies Obstructions

Whether your system relies on some type of gas or water to put out fires, obstructions in the lines will render it useless. You would be surprised at how much even a small obstruction will interfere with the overall function. Since the system is in place to provide your employees with more time to safely exit the building, you don’t want anything to affect the efficiency of your sprinklers or other equipment.

Inspections Spot Defects in the Automation

While some of your fire suppression equipment is manually operated, other parts of the system are automated. Those elements kick in when the temperature rises to a certain level or smoke is detected in a space. The last thing you need is for those automated fail-safes to not work at the worst possible time.

The inspection process used for most Kidde ensures that the system is currently responding the ways it was intended to do. Those tests make it easier to determine if something needs to be repaired and replaced, or if you can really depend on the alarms, the deployment of the sprinkler heads, and the other elements if a fire should break out.

Inspections Ensure Your Fire Extinguishers are Always Ready for Action

Even with an automated system in place, the strategic placement of fire extinguishers throughout your facility will make a difference. In order to make sure each one is always ready for use, regular fire extinguisher inspection is a must. Arrange for an expert to come in and check the pressure, the gauges, and even the exterior of the extinguisher proper. Knowing that when someone pulls the pen and aims the device will work provides a lot of peace of mind.

Inspections Help You Avoid Fines

What sort of fines would you incur if a fire inspection with the local jurisdiction paid a call? Choosing to have the system checked regularly and certified by a professional means you will remain in the good graces of the local inspector. That will save a tidy amount of money as well as ensuring your employees are safe.

If it’s been some time since the system in your office was checked, today is the right time to correct that. Call a local service and set up an inspection date. Discuss options for scheduling recurring inspections and how they will protect you and your employees. Doing so is an investment that will pay off in a big way if a fire does break out.

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