Crimea commission direct gas connection with Russia

Gas pipeline

Gas pipelineThe gas transfer network of Crimea was successfully connected to Russia, which will allow the peninsula to receive natural gas directly. Earlier today, the Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the official start of deliveries. With the commissioning of the new pipeline all customers in the Crimea will receive Russian gas directly, as so far the energy supply of gas and electricity depended almost entirely of Ukraine. With available capacities Crimea managed to provide only about 20% of energy consumption.

Crimea has no land border with Russia, and Moscow has struggled to meet its energy needs, which were previously met by Ukraine.

The gas connection is through a pipeline with a length of nearly 359 kilometers, passing through Lake Tuzla and the Kerch Strait.

“The supplies of natural gas will make it possible to build two power plants with a capacity of 470 MW each. These plants will cover all current needs and create a promising foundation for the development of economy and social sphere of the Crimea and Sevastopol. During the upcoming four years, as many as 70 kilometres of main and local gas pipelines, as well as eight pumping stations will be built and reconstructed in the region”, said the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

With the construction of the pipeline in the Crimea started the construction of two power plants with a capacity of 470 megawatts each. With the implementation of these plans on the peninsula will produce 2,000 MWh per day and will receive its energy independence of Ukraine.

About 46% of the electricity in Crimea is consumed by households and about 18% by the industry. According to analysts the region has significant potential for green energy projects – solar panels and wind turbines.

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