Customers of Bitfinex will suffer loss of 36%

The crypto-currency exchange Bitfinex, from which hackers stole Bitcoints at worth of 72 million USD last week, warned customers today that will lose over 36% of their assets in the platform, but will be compensated by tokens for credit. The exchange specified that losses from theft will be shared or spread among all customers and assets of the company, expanding the group affected.

Bitfinex reported that upon entering the platform customers will see that suffered total loss of 36.067%. The crypto-currency exchange will give all affected clients token BFX because of the loss that can be redeemed by the exchange or exchanged for shares of iFinex, the parent company of the exchange. The methodology will be explained at a later stage. Bitfinex talks with investors on how to fully compensate customers.

Last week, hackers stole 119,756 Bitcoin. This is the second largest crypto-currency theft in USD terms. The stolen Bitcoin is equivalent to 0.75% of all Bitcoin in circulation. Exchange is the world’s largest for trading of digital currencies and is used for most liquidity in dollars. It is still not clear how the hackers got to the accounts of the customers.

Bitfinex and external experts refuted suggestions that the breakthrough is connected to the security of block-chain technology that generates and processes Bitcoin. The crypto-currency can move around the world anonymously without having to be managed by a centralized authority. The Exchange also stated today that customers will be able to enter the platform within the next 24 to 48 hours.

What happened to Bitfinex reminiscent of a similar breakthrough in Tokyo Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, which was forced to apply for bankruptcy protection in early 2014 after hackers stole Bitcoin to about 650 million USD.

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