EU becomes net importer of energy

In 2014 the EU becomes net importer of energy, as imports exceeded domestic production, according to the latest analysis by Eurostat. According to the data, the countries imported totally 881 million tons of oil equivalent, while production was 771 million tons. The unit is universal and recognizes the amount of energy that can be produced from a tonne of oil. According to the IEA world energy production in 2014 reached 13.8 billion tons of oil equivalent.

The total energy consumption in the EU in 2014 reached 1.61 billion tons of oil equivalent. Between 2005 and 2014 energy consumption in the community decreased by 12.3%, complemented by Eurostat.

According to the statistical agency, the reduction could be due to measures to improve energy efficiency, which the European Union taken in recent years. On the other hand must not forget the impact of the economic crisis on energy consumption in the EU.

As a whole, the largest consumer of energy is the transport sector, which has about 33.2% of total consumption. The industry accounted for 25.9%, and households another 24.8%. The remaining amount shall be distributed in other sectors of the economy – mainly on services and agriculture.

In terms of electricity production by Eurostat reported that in 2014 in the EU have produced a total of 3.19 million GWh. In the period 2005 – 2014 year, output fell by 4.1%.

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