European Union with new record in exports of agricultural products

The EU countries continue to reach new records in exports of agricultural products in September, according to the European Commission. The trend on month-on-months basis remain unchanged and the community has exported food and other agricultural products for 12 billion EUR.

A month earlier, EU countries exported food and other agricultural products for 11.5 billion EUR. For the past 12 months (from October 2015 to September 2016) the exports reached nearly 130 billion EUR, which represent an increase of 1.6% yoy. Meanwhile, the exports to Russia decreased by 7% to 5.5 billion EUR.

In September was reported significant growth in food exports to the US (almost 130 million EUR more) and Japan (about 100 million EUR more). USA is the largest market for European agricultural products with total exports reaching a value of 1.98 billion EUR in September and 20.45 billion EUR for the last 12 months.

The biggest export item of the EU countries are wines (1.03 billion EUR, an increase of 7.5%) and spirits (1.02 billion EUR, a decrease of 4%). Large growth was reported in exports of oil, olive oil and palm oil. Reduces export of eggs and honey.

In September, the EU imported agricultural products worth 9.02 billion EUR and for the last 12 months the value of imports reached 112.2 billion EUR. Main supplier is Brazil with a total value of imports from 1.045 billion EUR in September and 12.3 billion EUR in the period from October 2015 to September 2016.

The data of European Commission show that in September 2016 the largest product group in imports are tropical fruits and nuts – totaling 1.05 billion EUR. Significantly reduced imports of meat and meat products, as well as olive oil.

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