Eurozone inflation reached 0.1% yoy in June 2016

Eurozone inflation reached 0.1% yoy in June 2016, according to the second and final reading of Eurostat data, which practically confirms the preliminary assessment. The monetary union exit from deflation, which was reported from February to May. In the whole European Union consumer prices recorded zero growth after in May fell by 0.1% yoy.

In the sixth month of year deflation has 13 member states, largest decrease in prices reported in Cyprus (-2.0%) and Bulgaria (-1.9%). The highest growth of inflation was reported in Belgium (+1.8%), Sweden (+1.1%) and Malta (+1.0%).

On a monthly basis, inflation in the Eurozone was 0.2% and in the EU was 0.1%.

The greatest inflationary pressures have the increased prices in restaurants and cafes (+0.11%), rents and tobacco (+0.06%), while deflationary pressures coming from Falls fuels for transport (-0.41%) , heating oil (-0.16%) and gas (-0.13%).

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