Everything You Should Know About Junomarkets

Founded and headquartered in Asia, Junomarkets is a trading server that is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. It features an external fund that is used for the compensation of their customers against losses. Since Juno is a trading account, it implements different trading strategies to facilitate forex Etx trading.

Trading accounts engineer trade transactions which involve a variety of financial instruments including futures, stocks, commodities and options derivatives. There are a plethora of round trading tips that come with deposits for trading accounts.

Different types of Junomarket trading accounts

Junomarkets comprise of different kinds of accounts. They are categorized below as follows:

* Individual accounts

* Institutional accounts

* Demo accounts

* Straight through processing accounts

* Managed accounts

Individual accounts

An individual Junomarket account is used to place trades on different platforms. The instruments provided by individual accounts include Contract for Difference, spot metals such as silver and gold as well as pre-installed EA’s. Such an account requires a minimum spread of FX: 2 pips Gold: 40 cents.

Institutional accounts

An institutional Junomarket account provides venues for the execution of trading. Such venues may include financial institutions, corporate clients, prop traders open institutional accounts and individual brokers. Indirect and direct trading is conducted from an institutional account. If you want to open an institutional Junomarket account, one of the requirements is to have minimum deposits. This account facilitates trading by offering tight spreads with quotes to the fifth decimal point.

Here are the features of a Junomarket institutional account:

i. Risk management – risk management and hedging tools are designed for an institutional account for the provision of forex Etx trading solutions. Brokers who have servers can use Meta Trader 4 bridge solutions.

ii. Leverage – a Junomarket institutional account matches the needs of customers with liquidity providers. The market depth, pricing as well as margin call levels are considerations when it comes to preventing trading losses

Demo accounts

A Junomarket demo account comes with a 200:1 leverage. This account uses simulated funds of about $50,000 to use trading strategies so that forex Etx traders can practice trade before opening a live account.

Straight through processing account

A Junomarket straight through processing account features micro tradable lots and variable spreads, it also provides access to interbank forex market. The Meta trader platform offers a straight through processing account that has a 1:400 leverage ratio.

Managed accounts

A Junomarket managed account works well for experienced managers who are conversant with the forex market. This type of account uses trading styles that are more advanced as well as strategies for finds management of professional managers.

The benefits of having a Junomarket account

Opening a Junomarket has its own advantages, here are some of the reasons why you should consider having one:

i. Professional services – Juno accounts provide communication channels thus offering professional services that facilitate forex trading. Such communication channels include WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

ii. Advanced technology – the Junomarket has extensively invested in the latest technology to meet the needs of its clients. With considerations on the depth of this market, the platforms that are offered at different Juno accounts use advanced technology to keep up with the industry’s emerging trends.

iii. Safety of funds – since Juno accounts comply with Anti-Money Laundry (AML) policies, clients are required to give their full details which ensures the safety of funds. You are only allowed to make a withdrawal if you have opened an account with JunoMarkets. It also offers Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sites that keep personal data of forex Etx traders secure as well as boost security.

iv. Research – Junomarket accounts provides traders with research o different markets. Individual Juno Accounts provide analysis on changing currencies and fluctuating market prices thus improving business performance. Such in depth data which is gotten through research is critical for decision making.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional trader or you are new to forex trading, Junomarket accounts have a lot to offer.

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