Expectation for raising US interest rates supported USD

The currency market participants assess the possibility for increase of US interest rates at 78% and even the reported weaker consumer confidence in the country did not affected it. It continue to push the USD at higher values, staying slightly below the 9-month peak. The dollar index against basket of 6 major currencies is at level of 98.762, reached its maximum of 99.119 (the highest value since February).

However, the good data for Australian inflation and consumer price index growth, supported AUD, which also jumped by 0.7%. The Australian consumer price index (CPI) rose by 0.7% in Q3 2016, surpassing the analysts and market estimates, boosting the annual inflation to 1.3%.

The EUR stays pretty stable on the financial markets, recovering several points after yesterday’s 8-month bottom against the USD and JPY.

Meanwhile, the GBP lost 0.2% against the USD after yesterday the governor of Bask of England doubted into the perspective of easing the monetary policy and extension of the stimulus in Eurozone. Bank of England will definitely consider the weakness of the pound on the meeting during the next week.

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