Filipino president threatens the most important industry in the country

When the Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte announced ambitious program to separate the local economy from USA, a lot of citizens saw the statement as danger for their jobs. The comments of the president feared industries, which rely mostly of the US market and open a lot of concerns about the big business of call centers.

The outsourcing and call center industry is one of the most successful branches in the country and one of the main engines of the economic growth, which reached 6.9% during the last year. Many local companies with over 500 employees, were asked by their US partners and customers, if the game will change and what will happen with the successful partnership. This caused serious shakes in the orders and postponed some contracts, which probably will be a crosswind for the economy.

However, the industry continue to raise, but this year the growth is slower. Until the end of the year, in the outsourcing industry will be employed around 1.3 million people, as most of them are in call centers working with US partners. According to experts and analysts, more than 80% from the job in outsourcing sector is related with American customers, so separate the local economy from USA will cause large problem for the employment.

A lot of workers in call centers at the capital Manila, share their concerns from the political and economical change from USA to countries like Russia and China, as this might cost their job. Another experts consider this change, as positive for the local economy, widening the relationships of the Philippines country with world leaders, and not only with USA.

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