Finland bans usage of coal for electricity

Finland would become the first country to ban the use of coal for electricity. The Government will discuss a new energy and climate strategy, which is expected to be put to discontinue the use of coal for electricity by 2030.

The foundations for this ban are already in place. The use of coal in Finland decreased at a rapid pace since 2011, as the country is investing in Renewable Energy Sources. The country almost doubled the capacity of wind farms in just one year. Only in February this country has made investments worth 80 million EUR in renewable energy installations. Among other things, since 2010 the price of electricity is continuously declining, expect those produced by coal. As a result, power plants throughout the country stopped working and now they generate only 8% of the electricity produced.

Despite the above facts, it would be truly revolutionary if Finland adopt a specific law prohibiting the use of coal. It will be the first of its kind and will push the other countries to think about how to deal with the problem of the use of coal as an energy source.

Other countries, such as Britain, Austria and the Netherlands announced plans to shut down power plants up to 10 or 15 years. The French Prime Minister Manyuuel Valls announced last week that his country will close the power plants until 2023, but just a few months ago France showed that she had returned back in the fight against climate change. It is good to note that the law “will remain flexible” and there will be loopholes.

Canada, in turn, said that it would close all its power plants by 2030. However, it allowed the individual provinces continue to use TPPs after that date under certain legal conditions.

In March the US state of Oregon tried to impose more stringent regulatory measures that could lead to termination of the use of coal. According to this law until 2035 must be closed all TPPs. Moreover, it prohibits imports of electricity from this energy resource from neighboring states.

Although Finland officially announce its position, the law would be ratified immediately. Energy and climate strategy, the country will be presented for approval to the Finnish Parliament in March. However, the actions of countries such as Finland, France and Canada show that the idea of stopping the use of coal is gaining more and more speed.

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