Francois Hollande called for permanent revoke of embargo against Cuba

French President Francois Hollande called for permanent revoke of embargo against Cuba. He stressed that it is necessary finally to finish the Cold War, which ended everywhere, but not in relation to Cuba.

“In connection with the legacy of Fidel Castro, I want to emphasize once again that the embargo inflicted losses of Cuba should be permanently revoked. Cuba must be given prospects for its future, to create the necessary conditions for trade with this country, then it will become a full member of the international community”, said Francois Hollande. “France has always taken and will treat Cuba as a true political and trade partner”, added the president.

“Fidel Castro has always proudly defended Cuba from any external pressure, including from the adverse impact of the embargo on his country”, said the French president. “Personally, I’ve always said that the embargo against Cuba is a unilateral and unacceptable decision taken”, added he.

French Prime Minister Manu Waltz said that Castro is an example for all leaders of liberation movements around the world.

The father of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro died on Friday evening in Havana, said his brother Raul, who succeeded him at the helm in 2006. His death, happened just two years after the historic announcement of rapprochement between Cuba and the United States, finally turning the page of the Cold War, which pitted the world on the brink of nuclear conflict during the missile crisis in October 1962.

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