General Motors Set to Layoff 625 Employees Amid NAFTA Waves

Reports indicate that auto maker General Motors is set to layoff over 600 employees in an Ontario plant amid recent news regarding the NAFTA agreement. Experts say the reasoning for the layoffs can be pinned directly to NAFTA and the movement of jobs away from Canada to places like Mexico.

Unifor president Jerry Dias was quoted in a statement released Friday which in part said: “The CAMI announcement is a shining example of everything wrong with NAFTA, it must be re-negotiated. It is imperative that we have trade rules that help ensure good jobs in Canada.”

The layoffs will happen this coming July at the CAMI Assembly plant located in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada which currently has employment numbers around 2,800 Unifor workers. Currently the plant produces Chevy vehicles like the Equinox and the GMC Terrain of which the latter is moving production to a facility in Mexico. The move is the cause of the layoffs at the Canadian plant.

During the election for President of the United States, Donald Trump often cited the NAFTA agreement as being one of the worst disasters in terms of agreements. Trump has vowed to either kill the deal or drastically revise it. Trump has also promised to return jobs back to the United States that have left but Dias disagreed with the focus of Trump’s wrath. Dias reportedly mentioned about how jobs were not going from the U.S. to Canada but rather going from Canada to other places like Mexico as well as even back to the United States.

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