German trade surplus reached peak in April 2016

German trade surplus reached 24 billion EUR on seasonally adjusted basis in April, which is the highest level since 1990. The exports remained unchanged, while imports decreased by 0.2%. On an annual basis the German trade surplus increased to 25.6 billion EUR in April 2016, compared to 21.8 billion EUR an year earlier. Compared to the same period last year, the exports increased by 3.8% to 104.3 billion EUR, while imports remained virtually unchanged at the amount of 78.7 billion EUR.

Data export in the fourth month of the year show a slowdown compared to February and March when the country reported a steady growth of sold abroad goods by respectively 1.4% and 1.9%.

In the fourth month of the year, Germany exported goods for 61.3 billion EUR to the EU countries, as from European partners imported goods for 52.9 billion EUR. On an annual basis, exports to EU countries increased by 7.3%, while imports from these countries increased by 2%.

Germany exported goods for 38.4 billion EUR to Eurozone countries and imported goods for 35.6 billion EUR.

Goods exported to non-EU countries amounted to 43 billion EUR in April, while imports from these countries to 25.7 billion EUR.

The Union of Exporters of German BGA expects growth of exports by 4.5% in 2016. With that German companies will expand their market share outside, after the World Trade Organization expected increase in global trade by only 2.8% yoy.

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