Germany and European Commission agreed on local toll fees

Germany and the European Commission (EC) have agreed on the introduction of special taxes on foreign cars that use German highways. During the last year the country’s parliament endorsed the introduction of toll fees for foreign vehicles, which idea dates back to 2013. Brussels opposed the measure on the grounds of discrimination contrary to EU rules.

The agreement provides for Germany to introduce fees for foreign cars and cars of the Germans, which fees will be deducted by the state taxes. The charges are expected to be differentiated depending on the degree of contamination that cars allowed.

The minimum fee is expected to amount to 2.5 EUR for a 10-day pass or sticker for driving on highways. The maximum price for such omission will be 20 EUR.

Such omissions or stickers there will be a period of two months or one year, the maximum annual value of the pass or sticker for foreign cars will be 130 EUR.

The Transport Commissioner insists the deal with Germany will not conflict with her plans to overhaul EU road toll rules early next year. The deal on toll fees was the first step towards a common European framework for road charging. The EU Transport Commissioner told that she is still deciding between toll rules that charge either based on how long cars spend on the road or how far they drive.

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