Germany invest 270 billion EUR in transport infrastructure

German government approved 270 billion EUR investments in transport infrastructure of the country. The money will be spent on repairing and expanding of highways, rail lines and waterways. It is planned until 2030 in transport infrastructure to be invested 269.6 billion EUR.

The priority will be maintenance and renovation of the existing transport system, as for this purpose are provided 141.6 billion EUR. The largest part of the investments will go towards removing bottlenecks on major highways, as well as to optimize the entire transport network for long distance. For this purpose will be allocated 98.3 billion EUR until 2030.

Moreover, 49.3% of the funds are planned to be invested in optimization of vehicle routes, while another 42% will be invested in rail transport and 9.1% in waterways.

As stated by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt, the adopted by the Bundestag plan is the biggest investment program in transport infrastructure ever.

The efficient transport infrastructure provides economic and social benefits to both advanced and emerging economies by: improving market accessibility and productivity, ensuring balanced regional economic development, creating employment, promoting labour mobility and connecting communities. The large investments aim to boost the GDP growth and to stimulate the economy growth during the reported period.

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