Global labor market needs more IT specialists

Global labor market needs IT specialists with technology knowledge, according to the Director of Dutch human resources company Randstad Holdings, Jacques van den Broek. After Brexit, the British economy slows and this uncertainty stimulates the movement of the employees.

“If workers leave London and go to Frankfurt, Paris or Amsterdam, we will go with them. For now we see a change of permanent positions to more temporary, but there is no critical mass in the UK”, said the Director of Randstad Holdings, Jacques van den Broek. “In financial business there is no strong reaction to short-term political events, and much more movement towards digitization. All job cuts that we see now, have no connection with the economy and change the business processes of a bank”, added he.

Employers are increasingly worried about whether they have the right personnel.

“We see that all employers are looking for the same people: IT professionals with technological skills. And these people should come from outside Europe. We should bring them. We follow the customer in the short and medium term and to attract those shots”, said Jacques van den Broek. “The return of US jobs could create a problem because in some areas of the country there is a shortage of labor, unemployment is 3-4%”, noted he.

The Director of Dutch human resources company Randstad Holdings also said that Christmas turns out to be a stimulus for thousands of workers in Spain, where merchants increased staff for the holidays, to meet consumer demand, encouraged by the economic recovery. Agency recruitment Randstad Holdings gives positive outlook and expect the Spanish merchants to add 338,000 new jobs this Christmas – 11.5% growth compared to last year. Retail trade, logistics and transport sectors are recruiting as many employees.

Dutch human resources company Randstad is digitizing and fundamental changes to IT infrastructure for this purpose, showing her latest financial report. It was founded in 1960 and works with its network of each of the 37 markets worldwide.

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