Greece’s creditors have no information about the new social package

European Commission (EC) is not familiar with all the details about the new social package, announced by the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras. In a official statement the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the government will allocate 617 million EUR from the budget surplus for the poorest pensioners in the country. Support will be received by 1.6 million people with pension below 850 EUR. Another promise given by Tsipras is to postpone the removal of preferential VAT for the Aegean islands affected by migrant wave. However, the creditors of the country were not aware about the plans of the Greek government.

The European Commission is aware of the challenges that brings migrant wave of islands in the Aegean Sea, and actively work with the Greek authorities to solve the problem”, said the Commission spokesperson Annika Breidthardt. “Together with the other creditors, the European Commission analyze how the plans of Athens will affect the final agreement on granting aid to the country”, added she.

Earlier in the local newspapers released, that there is no official notification from the government being prepared for social assistance for pensioners, which will be awarded by the end of the year. Sources, however, indicate that talks have been going technical level between the creditors and the Greek government.

According to the finance ministry in Greece for the first ten months of the year the primary budget surplus totaled 6.49 billion EUR, exceeding the planned 5.2 billion EUR. The reason is the better tax collection. In the period from January to October the tax revenues in the budget of Greece just over 40 billion EUR.

The period from September to October is traditionally very strong, when are paid property and income taxes.

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