The High Court of London ruled against activation of Article 50 without parliamentary approval

The High Court of London ruled that British parliament must undergo a vote on the decision of the country to leave the European Union, before formally launch the process Brexit. This means that the government of Prime Minister Theresa May can not trigger alone Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which stat the formal negotiations with the EU alone.

Earlier, Theresa May said that the British referendum and ministerial powers mean that there is no need for a vote of legislators, but according to the The High Court this is unconstitutional.

“If the Article 50 is activated, it will inevitably lead to change in domestic laws”, said Judge John Thomas during reading of The High Court’s decision.

The decision may be appealed by the government or be referred to the European Court of Justice – an institution against which opposition supporters of Brexit.

Some of the leading figures in the legal world are involved in the historic case, which is expected to be appealed against to the Supreme Court.

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