Indonesia wants to keep sustainable economic growth

Indonesia wants to keep sustainable economic growth, according to country’s Finance Minister. With quality growth the country will be able to provide employment and protect people from poverty. Therefore, the government has prepared several strategies to achieve this goal.

“In terms of taxation and can be used as instruments for providing incentives, such as tax allowance, the tax rate is lower sehigga investors who want to invest there is a time that has not been investment yields, there is a chance not to pay taxes first, such as tax allowances or tax holiday”, said the Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani. “The next step is to optimize on the expenditure side. The government has provided a large portion of spending in education and health”, added she.

The government plan to spend 400 trillion rupiahs next year for education alone.

For non-fiscal side, the government has encouraged community involvement in the economy. Among other things, by making improvements both in terms of licensing and in the bureaucracy.

“The non-fiscal coordinator under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Maritime, we open the whole economy of this. What would then be a barrier for people to make their participation in the economy, whether licensing, the bureaucracy”, said also the Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani.

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