Investor sentiment in Eurozone grew in November

The investor sentiment in Eurozone grew in November, reaching its highest level for the year. The index of Sentix group rose to 13.1 from 8.5 in October, which is easing pressure over the European Central Bank for application of further stimulus measures. The investor sentiment index rose higher than expected by the market and economists, which shoot up the European indexes and currency.

“The recovery in the euro zone accelerated in November”, said the report of Frankfurt-based Sentix group. “The overall index for the euro zone rose to a new high for the year, driven by revenue expectations that are continuing to increase. The pace of the increase was particularly notable, which could lead to a positive surprise in fourth quarter economic data”, adds the report.

All the economists and finance analysts appreciated the data on investor sentiment, which eased the pressure over the European Central Bank, which held off from further increases of finance stimulus and quantitative easing program. Probably the central bankers in the Eurozone will not need to implement additional stimulus for the economy, which is rising after years of stagnation and low growth.

The investor sentiment of the current situation in the Eurozone and the expectations for the future and both positive. The confidence in the strength of the Eurozone economy is growing, as most of the recent data are showing downtrend in unemployment rate and growth of the GDP.

The investor sentiment in Germany also grew to 29.2 points, against 27.7 point in October, which is the highest level since May 2015. The result beats the economists expectations and forced the grow of German indexes and stocks.

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