Japanese export delayed in September 2016

Japanese export delayed in September 2016 for 12th consecutive month, but the decline was smaller than the concerns of market experts. During the reported month, the exports declined by 6.9% to 5.97 trillion JPY (about 52.8 billion EUR). Moreover, the decline is slowing, because in August amounted to 9.6%., while the expectations of the market participants for delay of 10.4%.

The rising value of the JPY this year shrank dramatically earnings of Japanese exporters. In September, the export volume increased by 4.7% compared to the volume in August and so reported the 12th consecutive monthly increase. In seasonally adjusted growth of 0.3%.

The Japanese exports to China declined by 10.6%, to Hong Kong dropped by 18.7%, to South Korea decreased by 1.6%, while those to Singapore crashes by 21.2% and for India dropped by 1.0 %. The decrease was reported almost among the main trade partners of the country, as well as USA (-8.7%), Middle East (-10.8%), Russia (-4.9%) and South Africa (-24.9%). Unlike them, however, there is an increase in exports from Japan to Western Europe (2.5%) and the EU (0.7%).

By product, the decline occurred in raw materials (-19.7%), mineral fuels (-34.0%), chemicals (-7.2%), industrial goods (-13.3 per cent), machinery (-2.1 %), electrical machinery (-9.9%), transport equipment (-6.0%) and other (-1.0%).

The Japanese imports account the 21 consecutive monthly decline in September. This time the decrease was 16.3% to 5.47 trillion JPY. A month earlier the decline was 17.3%, while market expectations were for a decline of 16.6%.

So overall trade balance of Japan in September showed a surplus of 498.3 billion JPY.

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