New Leads Just Arrived From A Powerful Dealer Chat

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Car dealerships run on sales lead pipelines. When the pipeline is empty, sales dry up and cars collect dust (or snow) on the lot. There are plenty of obstacles between dealerships and their lead generation goals. Sales teams are busy nurturing qualified leads they already have and making sales. Car buyers make fewer visits to dealerships than they ever have in the past. Digital lead generation is a time-consuming task and many dealerships don’t have the skills to even start.

When sales lead generation becomes an issue, an auto dealer live chat can be the solution. Auto dealer live chat programs provide lead generation options for car dealerships, not to mention a pipeline that’s always full. But as any car dealer knows, a long list of leads doesn’t necessarily mean sales. You need qualified leads, an effective way to score leads and a CRM to keep track of your efforts, and more ways to get in touch.

#1 Lead Qualification

Auto dealer live chat systems are an effective way to not only capture leads but qualify them. Training makes a big difference – with auto dealer live chat companies like Gubagoo, chat operators are well-trained and located in US-based call centers. They don’t just follow scripts, they know how to get more information out of potential customers in order to serve them better. With each individual dealership’s inventory immediately accessible, they take that information and turn it into recommendations that click.

#2 CRM Integration

CRM integration is key when you’re investing in an auto dealer chat. You need robust, up-to-date lead data and tracking, which is why dealer chat companies integrate dealer CRMs. You don’t have to stress about the details when live chat operators upload all lead capture information into your CRM. You just get qualified leads delivered straight to you. It gives your sales team the kind of support it needs to start closing deals while you watch your sales thrive.

#3 Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing

There is no single communication channel that’s a golden ticket to conversion. Response rates differ between telemarketing, email, social media, and SMS, but different channels will prove more influential on different targets. Talk to leads on the channels they want and they will be more receptive. That’s why auto dealer live chat Gubagoo makes it simple to migrate from web conversation to SMS and why it’s integrated with Facebook Messenger. Email is a low-cost, convenient way to reach out to a lead. Dealer sales staff can send informative articles or product information via email, but it doesn’t always have the best response rate. Following up an email with a phone call or a text is a better way to make sure you get a response. Marketers also suggest avoiding “touching base” calls and emails, and instead suggest making sure every contact you make adds value for the lead.

If you’re not using auto dealer live chat yet, there’s an entire world of inbound digital leads you’re missing. Stop leaving leads on the table and start capitalizing on your website and your social media efforts.

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