New Video Ads Setup for Instagram Stories

Popular web portal Instagram has announced adding video ads to its Instagram Stories sharing feature. The new feature will reportedly insert video ads in a user’s clips. Starting this week, the company announced that it would be debuting the video ads in a full-screen mode which will autoplay the ads.

Instagram, owned by Internet Goliath Facebook, said the initial deployment will being later this week with a small set of partners including AirBNB & McDonalds. The program will then be available to all advertisers worldwide. Besides video ads, five second photo ads are said to also making their debut this week. According to reports, there is no way to stop the ads.

The Instagram Stories feature has gained massive appeal after only launching in August, 2016 and has a strong following with estimates that over 150 million people are users of the popular application. It reached 100 million users in October and some think the introduction of advertising so soon might cause a drop in usage or new users signing up to use.

Adoption and resistance to the ads are not expected to be high as reports say that up to 70% of users already follow one advertiser or company and that almost 33% of the stories created through the site are from businesses themselves. Users might not see the ads initially but they will be noticeable with the wording ‘Sponsored’ across either the photo or video ad.

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