Nintendo Switch Heating Up Gamers with New Console

Fresh off the recent frenzy around Christmas for consumers to located the $60 Nintendo gaming system which was packed full of old games like Donkey Kong, the company has released details about the new portable device known as the Nintendo Switch. After a Japanese event earlier this week, the company released more details after an October video teased gamers.

The Nintendo Switch will be available for sale in retail locations starting on March 3, 2017. Price for the item will be $300. Pre-orders are being taken by some retailed ahead of the March date but no reports of lower production numbers or any delays have been noted.

The idea behind this Nintendo Switch device is portability. The unit can be used at home like most other video game systems hooked to a television. But the new feature the company is pushing centers around the device being portable like its other products – Game Boy and DS series devices.

The company is taking the product on the road with a series of six cities where it will feature the device for users. At these events, the Friday and Saturday shows are just for those who have been invited. Sunday is open to the public for those who did not receive an invitation to preview the device. The schedule is:

New York: January 13-15
Toronto: January 27-29
Washington, D.C.: February 10-12
Chicago: February 17-19
San Francisco: February 24-26
Los Angeles: March 3-5

Adding a new console to an ever-crowded field of other gaming devices will be a hard sell for the company. With XBOX One S upgrading the series recently and the ultra-popular Playstation 4, gamers will have a tough choice on whether to add another device to their setup.

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