Planning Your Wedding Catering: Details to Work Out With the Caterer

There’s a lot that must be done before your wedding day arrives. One task has to do with working out the details for the reception catering. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help you with the planning and then make sure everything turns out exactly the way you want. Here are some examples of details that you need to discuss with the caterer early in the planning.

How Many Guests?

Before discussing anything else, it pays to determine how many people are expected to attend the reception. A key element in Muskoka wedding catering is making sure there is enough food and drink on hand for every guest. If you are having trouble determining the number of people who will be present, the caterer can usually come up with an informed estimate based on how many people you are inviting.

Inside or Outside?

The venue for the reception is one of the first things the caterer needs to know. Are you planning an outdoor reception at one of the local country clubs or reception halls? If so, that lets the caterer know to reserve time in the kitchen located on the grounds. In the event you are going with a home wedding, the caterer will want to check out the kitchen in advance and get an idea of what does and does not need to be brought along in order to prepare each dish to perfection.

Indoor wedding venues do usually come with some sort of space for caterers to set up and prepare the reception area. When the plan is to hold the ceremony and the reception at the same location, find out what sort of kitchen facilities are available. If they are not very extensive, the caterer may prepare more of the food off-site and transport it to the site in containers designed to keep hot food warm and cold food cool.

Special Dietary Needs

You may be surprised to learn that wedding caterers know quite about nutrition and what works for people with certain dietary requirements. As part of your discussion about the food and beverages, you’ll want to mention that some of the guests are vegetarians. It also helps to tell the caterer if some of your guests are diabetics, taking medication for heart issues, or attempting to lose weight.

The caterer will keep those needs in mind when coming up with a menu plan. While it may seem to be impossible to allow for all these needs and still have tasty food, don’t sell the caterer short. They can make sure there are side dishes and even entrees that are low in fat, carbs, and will be in line with the type of diets that different guests follow.

Remember that the expert is there to ensure your Niagara Falls wedding catering takes into consideration every factor that will allow your guests to enjoy themselves. Once the menu is planned and the other details settled, you can get back to working on the ceremony and know the catering is in capable hands.

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