Poland stopped Russian plans for Opal gas pipeline

Opal gas pipeline

Opal gas pipelineThe European Court ruled for termination of the decision of the European Commission (EC) for the pipeline Opal, according to the Polish gas company PGNiG. The pipeline connects the German and Czech gas networks with the real sequel of Nord Stream pipeline. In October the European Commission approved the exception of Opal from the scope of the Third Liberalization Package and gave Gazprom ability to use more of the capacity, but at auction.

At present the Russian company used unconditionally half the capacity of the pipes. According to the decision of the European Commission, Gazprom will be able to use another 40% if winning the auction, while the remaining 10% are reserved for third parties.

However, Poland imposed a complaint against the decision of the European Court. The motive of PGNiG is that it increases the concentration of gas supply in the hands of a single supplier, which is a violation of the rules of diversification. This pose a threat to disturbances or even suspension of supplies to Europe, indicates the Polish company.

The head of PGNiG, Petr Wozniak, said during a press conference that the European Court has ruled termination of the EC decision late last week. The official announcement will be distributed later this week.

Gazprom insisted on full access to Opal, paving the way for the project to expand the Nord Stream. The capacity of the gas connection is 36 billion cbm per year.

Against the Commission’s decision for Opal declared also Ukraine. Kiev has threatened to sue the community for allowing exceptions to the pipeline.

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