Romania is new hope for European Union

Romanian economy is one of the best performing in Europe. This year the expectations are that the country will record growth of gross domestic product (GDP) by 5%, while for the last five years the Romanian economy has grown by 25%.

But not only economic boom in Romania brings hope for Europe. After the elections in Bulgaria and Moldova, were selected when appropriate pro-Russian president and prime minister, Bucharest will probably break this trend in the region. On December 11, the country will hold parliamentary elections and most likely winner will be Liviu Dragnea, the 52-year-old Social Democrat, strongly supporting the European Union (EU) and NATO. He is not interested in contacts with Russia, indicating that countries are governed by nationalists, Islamophobians that more critical of the EU than to maintain it. His vision is turned to the West – to France, Italy and Spain, the newspaper.

Liviu Dragnea will not be satisfied with what has been achieved so far in the economic aspect, it is clear from his election platform. He will propose the creation of a sovereign wealth fund, including two hundred big companies, which are still state-owned. The Fund will prepare of trading of these companies.

The program of Dragnea embeds zero rate of tax on dividends. It does not provide tax for the first 100,000 EUR profit for small and medium enterprises and offers a reduction in VAT in attempt to encouraged consumption, including a zero rate of VAT when selling a home. The social part of his program includes increasing the minimum wage and tax cuts for parents whose children have visited at least 90% of school hours.

Also are projected large-scale investment in health. France has more Romanian doctors than in Romania, and the efforts of the future government of Liviu Dragnea will be directed to change of this trend. Initially is planned to be built a new university hospital in Bucharest, research centers in the pharmaceutical sector and additional health services for the population.

In his campaign Dragnea promises protection of the external borders of the EU. Despite this tough stance, the politician is adamant – Romanian society is tolerant towards foreigners, not anti-Semites, homophobes and extremists in politics. And for the Romanians in the UK future government promises to prevent discrimination after Brexit. In Britain live about 178,000 Romanians. Many larger are the Romanian communities in Spain (1.2 million pople) And Italy (708 thousand people).

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