Taxpayers in Greece have obligations of 94 billion EUR to the Treasury

Greece taxpayers

Greece taxpayersMore than half of taxpayers in Greece owe money to the Treasury. The recent data show that 4.3 million people have obligations to the state, totaling 94 billion EUR. Because of the arrears, the state initiated measures for collection obligations, including seizures and garnishment of accounts for just over 826,000 taxpayers.

The old debts accumulated before 2016, amounted to 81.6 billion EUR. Of these, 8 billion EUR are obligations to the state of public companies and municipal authorities. Another 12 billion EUR are to private companies that are in procedure of bankruptcy and can not pay back their debts to the state.

Only 157 million EUR are unpaid debts to the treasury, due to incorrect invoices also showed that the Finance Ministry.

In the period January-November 2016 were accumulated new 12.6 billion EUR obligations of individuals and legal entities to the Greek Treasury. The amount is likely to increase because it does not include indirect taxes, fines, duties, etc.

From January 1, 2017 will enter into force higher excise duties on fuels, cigarettes, coffee and fixed telephone services. The taxpayers will begin to feel also the elimination of many tax breaks that the government performed in 2016.

Accountants predict the magazine growth of the shadow economy in Greece this year, caused by the increased tax burden, says Economics Gazette. Year will be no be easy for the revenue to the Treasury because of bankruptcies of companies, while businesses will be able to meet its obligations.

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