UK government against enormous high CEO wages

The UK government is determined to deal with the huge salaries of CEOs of the companies in the country, giving more control in the hands of shareholders and employees. The Prime Minister Theresa May is considering the introduction of rules, according to which the corporations will have to declare the difference between the pay of executives and the rest of the staff. In addition, the Cabinet offered shareholders to have a veto on remuneration to senior executives.

These ideas will first be published in the form of recommendations and are not mandatory, but their purpose is to provoke public interest, as would later be passed to the legislative process.

The focus on the salaries of executives was set for continuing growth in the difference between the incomes of the management of firms and employees. According to statistics CEOs in Britain take 131 times the average salary of people from its staff. It reported a jump in the ratio 47 times since 1998.

Meanwhile, salaries of bosses of big companies on the London Stock Exchange increased four-fold to an average of 4.3 million GBP in less than two decades.

The highest average salaries in UK are in sectors of Strategy & Consultancy, as well as Banking and Accountancy. On other hand the lowest wages are in the sectors of Apprenticeships, Customer Service and Admin, Secretarial & PA.

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