UK government will continue with Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May downplayed unfavorable for the government decision of the High Court, affecting the country plans to leave the EU. She insisted that Brexit will be implemented in full. Theresa May said that her government will continue to work despite the decision of the High Court, according to which the government must obtain permission from parliament to start the process of Brexit. She hopes that the Government will win the appeal against that court decision.

According to her, the parliament has voted the decision on membership in the EU to be taken by the people of the referendum June 23. The majority voted strongly in favor of leaving the block and this choice must be respected.

British Prime Minister stresses that Brexit offers great national opportunity to create “a bold, confident global future for the UK”.

The High Court’s decision that the British Parliament should have to vote on Brexit, should not interfere with the government’s schedule, according to a statement of the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. The British minister stressed that should not be over-emphasized the importance of judicial decision requiring the approval of Parliament before triggering a Brexit. He expressed confidence that it will not change the plans of Prime Minister Theresa May to launch the process to the end of March next year.

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