UK may pay the households affected by shale gas production

Part of the tax revenue from UK shale gas projects may go directly to the residents of the development fields areas, said today Prime Minister Theresa May. According to estimates UK has a significant amount of shale gas in underground rocks, but the application of fracking is not approved by local communities concerned about noise and environmental consequences. Last year, the ex-finance minister George Osborne announced that the government will create a special fund, which will collect up to 10% of tax revenues from the development of shale gas, which will be used for investment projects in affected areas.

Theresa May became prime minister last month after the Brexit referendum and resignation of her predecessor David Cameron. She said that she wanted to discuss the possibility money to be paid directly to the residents of the regions rather than local authorities.

“The government will always be driven by the interests of many ordinary families, for whom life is more difficult than many people realize in politics”, said Theresa May in a statement before the start of consultations on the fund.

The government announced that the new fund can provide up to 10 million GBP of eligible communities. It does not indicate how could obtain a separate family, but local media noted that in some cases can reach 13,000 pounds.

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