US consumer prices rose by 0.2% MoM in June 2016

The US consumer prices rose by 0.2% MoM in June 2016. The core inflation, which excludes volatile prices of fuel and food, was also 0.2%. The data justify the expectations of the markets. In both cases, the values are similar to those in May. In the main index then there was a slowdown compared to April, when inflation was 0.4%. At baseline did it accelerate from April, when consumer prices rose by 0.1%.

On an annual basis, inflation in June was 1% against a forecast of 1.1%. The core inflation was 2.3% yoy. US published data on retail sales in June, growing slightly but still above market expectations. Retail sales grow by 0.6% MoM against expectations for an increase of only 0.1%. In May, the increase was 0.2%.

Less hesitant index, which excludes auto sales, recorded growth of 0.7% on a monthly basis after the previous month’s increase of 0.4%. On an annual basis the broad measure of retail sales grow by 2.7%, while the base (without cars sales) by 3.1%.

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